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I am not Irish and as far as I know do not have any Irish blood in me, but I still like to acknowledge the holiday.  The closest I get to being Irish is I’m short like a Leprechaun,  and I like to party.  I like to dance, or attempt to, but not the Irish jig or river dance or such.

I also like pots of gold and rainbows.  Once hubby, friends and I saw a rainbow that began in our back yard and ended across the street in front of our house.  This is a true story.   I ran out to see if there was a pot of gold, but alas, not to be.  I think the leprechaun saw me coming and ran away with it.  I’m still looking for it though.                         

As you know I love the color green as I blogged in It’s Good to Be Green.  Which brings me to green beer.  I  personally do not like beer and green beer just doesn’t look appealing but I suppose, if you’re Irish, green is good no matter what it is.


I also like to look for and collect four-leaf clovers.  One weekend, while we were at Camp Liberty,  I found a total of fifteen (15)  four-leaf clovers in our yard.  Talk about the “luck of the French”,  I mean Irish, but I’m not Irish!?  I’ll post pictures of them later.  Hoping to find more now that the grass and clover is growing again.

St. Patrick’s day is observed on the day the patron saint of Ireland died.  It is also a day to celebrate Ireland and who doesn’t like a party, Irish or not so…….