This is just a short post to introduce you to who is REALLY in charge of our household.

Until 2005 we were parents of just dogs and over the years had 2 Irish Setters,a Cocker Spaniel, a Black Lab, and a Jack Russell Terrier.   The last two lived to be 13 and 14 respectfully.  They both were extremely sweet dogs and we loved them so very much.

HOWEVER……in 2005 a cat came into our lives and then again in 2010 here came another one.  The first one, a tuxedo cat, (Boo aka ” Big Cat”) was rescued out of a tree across the street from our house.  She was a very small kitten and had a very loud mouth.  The second one (Patches aka “Lil’ Bit”) was actually a calico kitten from a cat rescue called Heaven Can Wait.  Just let me say, they keep us entertained.   The older one is VERY bossy and the little one is like having a two-year old.

My husband asked a few days ago, if we needed to kitten proof the house?  Never a dull moment!!!


This is “Lil’ Bit” after her daily shower.  That’s right, she loves to get in the shower when one of us is in there.  She gets in and just sits there under the water and gets totally soaked.  Then she gets out and proceeds to rub herself on a towel which I have learned to lay on the floor for her.



“Big Cat” likes to get comfortable anywhere she can.  Here she is trying to fit into a gift box.  Maybe she thinks she’s a real prize of a gift.


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