Here it is 5 days until Christmas.  Aaaaaagh!

I had very good intentions this year and the Christmas spirit was with me.  Fa-la-la-la-la…la-la-la-la!  Love all those Christmas songs like “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”,  “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree”….etc. 

Put up my two trees….got them decorated in record time.  This is the tree topper in family area and some of the ornaments on foyer tree.

If you have seen Christmas Vacation  you know that the Griswolds have a critter in their christmas tree which terrorizes the household.  Well we have our very own critter…namely “Lil Bit”.  She thinks I put this tree up just for her to play in.


Next I recreated the wreath for the front door and decorated my pots with topiaries, ornaments and lights.  Yay….moving right along.  Fa…

Then I moved on to putting the lights on the bushes.  All was great for about 3 nights and then “lights out”.   This is when the Kranks met the Griswolds.  Called an electrician and he thought he had the problem solved.  We got another 3 nights or so and then “lights out” once again.  Not only have all the lights gone out on the bushes, our porch lights and flood lights are also out.  It’s dark. 

If you know the movie Christmas with the Kranks, then you know what my street looks like at Christmas.  Every house has outside christmas lights.  It’s a sight to behold!   The closer it gets to Christmas, the more cars we see driving through the neighborhood to see the decorations.  I’m sure they think we are “Skipping Christmas” this year. 

I was finally able to get my topiaries lit by running a long extension cord to another outlet and so far so good. 

My brother-in-law thinks it’s the curse of the pot soldiers.  Many, many years ago I made some toy soldiers using large terra-cotta pots and would sit them on my front porch each year at Christmas.  Well a few years ago they blew over during a wind storm and one of the heads got broken.   I painted another one and needless to say it got broken too.  I was able to glue it back but this year when we pulled them out,  it came apart.   It was time to retire the soldiers and we decided not to put them out.  Hence they are angry and put a curse on my lights.

Next year, I hope to get the electrician out to install outlets on a separate breaker box to avoid this problem.

“City street lights even stop lights blink a bright red and green as the shoppers rush home with their treasures…”

Merry Christmas!!!