Aren’t you glad I finally decided to put up a new post?  I know I am.  Anyway, I tend to get cabin fever in the cold months and want to hibernate.  At least my brain does!

Now that Spring is here, my energy level seems to be picking up.  Speaking of Spring and energy, everything seems to be busy buzzing, chirping, blooming, growing, etc. 

Yesterday I was working on my computer designing invitations to our highschool reunion (45 years) and I noticed these two little birds checking out the columns on our covered porch.  They went from one to the other and finally settled on the one in the corner.  Very well protected from the weather and any predators like cats, etc.


I watched them as they brought in sticks, twigs, grasses and vines.  They worked very hard all day until dark.  Then this morning at daylight, they were back again still building their new home.  They fly off together sometimes and then one will come back with material and place it just so.  Then the other will bring something and she (I assume it’s a she) will take it and weave it into the nest.  She will wiggle around and sit in it and move things around until it feels just right.

I can just imagine their conversation a few days ago…She says “Honey, it’s time we built our new home”.  He says, “Why do we need a new home?  The one we had last year is still perfectly good.  Just needs a few more twigs and it will be good as new.”  She says,  But Honey,  we are going to need more room for the little ones and beside that I’m tired of this same old look.”  He says, ” Huh?  Little ones!  Okay, we need to find the perfect place and I think I know where that is.”

As I was watching this yesterday, I thought  wouldn’t it be wonderful to get a nice new clean home every year?  Or would it?  Somehow, I don’t see human husbands being so agreeable.  The conversation would go something like this….she says, “Honey, we need a new home”.  He says, “Have you lost your mind”.