Places, people, and things that surround my life and make me who I am.

Mike and me in our kitchen .  I’m sure he was saying something funny.  He keeps me laughing whether it is intentional or not.  Most of the time, I am probably the only one who understands his humor.  I told him once that he should create signs to hold up such as ” laugh now ” or ” that was a joke”.   

Eddie and Mike at one of Eddie’s more “serious” moments.  Seldom will you catch a photo of Eddie with a straight face.  He has a smile about 95 percent of the time.

The pictures below are from Camp Liberty on the Buffalo River.  People are always canoeing and in the spring flowers pop up and surprise me at their beauty.

Roses and Peonies and they just pop up and bloom.











Here are some of the canoers we see all year long on the Buffalo.

Me, Eddie, best friend Jane and lovely sister Carol.


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