Okay, before I begin posting again I need to make a lot of excuses why I haven’t posted in the last 3-1/2 months.  Hope these excuses work for you.

1.  I broke all my fingers….. (NOT)?

2.  My two cats ate my homework….. (HUH?)?

3.  The summer heat melted my computer and hubby wouldn’t share….. (NOT)?

4.  I went to sleep and just woke up…… (I WISH but NOT)?

5.  I just got lazy…… (PROBABLY).

6.  The last three months are a total blur…… (YES)?

7.  There was a graduation, a wedding, a beach trip and life that got in the way….. (TOTALLY TRUE)!

Did any of these work for you?  I’m trying for some understanding here!!

I’m sure there are many more I could come up with but the real truth is related back to my very first post…PROCRASTINATION…..!  If you haven’t read it, you should and you will understand…I think. 

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with everything in my head,  I just can’t seem to focus and get anything done… so….. I don’t do anything.  UGH…the truth hurts. 

I was talking with my new neighbor yesterday, who has more energy than the  “Energizer Bunny”, and she was telling me about all the projects she has in mind.  I told her I wish I had half of her energy and then she mentioned that she was 34.  EXACTLY!!!  I used to have all that too.   Now I do good if I have the energy to even think of a project!!! 

So this morning I decided I would at least give it one more and try to begin posting again. 

I do have a few projects that are getting underway that I will let you in on as they happen.  Some updating to our home like new flooring,  some furniture painting with Annie Sloan Chalk paint.  The painting of my foyer floor.  A new wall unit to house books, TV, pictures, ironstone, etc.  Maybe a few slip covers. 

I hope those of you who followed me in the past have not given up on me.  I appreciate all your comments and look forward to others.  You can even reprimand me,  I deserve it, but don’t be too hard….I’m sensitive.

‘Til tomorrow, or the next day…..yaaawn….or the…..yaaaaaawn…..pardon me, I need a nap.