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He always makes my day and anyone else’s he may come in contact with during a days time.  He’s always happy, upbeat, never meets a stranger, loves old and young alike, doesn’t like negativity, and loves, loves, loves music.

He’s our son, Eddie!


He was involved in an automobile accident January 1993 and suffered a TBI (traumatic brain injury).  He was 16 at the time and it was very touch and go for many weeks.  He had to learn everything over from speaking, eating, brushing his teeth, etc. to putting on a baseball cap.  He has a smile on his face always, and such a positive attitude, it just makes you feel good to be in his presence.  

People are always drawn to him and once you meet him you’ll never forget him.  Should my husband and I be somewhere without him,  the first question out of someone’s mouth is, “Where’s Eddie“? 

He inspires me everyday to be a better person.  To be kind, forgiving, happy, loving and compassionate. 

If you would like to read more about our son,  you can visit his story at www.eddiesisco.com.