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This is about a weekend almost one year ago, March 18-21, 2010,  that was spent at Camp Liberty.  I had actually written it in a document because it stood out as a something I would like to remember.  Why?  I guess you’ll know the real reason at the end of this blog.

It was Thursday evening after we had returned from having dinner at our favorite catfish restaurant, Fall Hollow.  We had settled down to watch a little TV before retiring for the night.  Of course, going to the camp for the weekend is supposed to be relaxing and for the most part non eventful.

To begin with, lady bugs decided they liked our camp also.  They seem to like a couple of light fixtures, the kitchen windows and our son’s bedroom window.   The little buggers just crawl around and around in circles, fall off, turn over and die.   So when we walked into the camp that was what we found.This night while I was watching TV with hubby, I thought one flew onto the back of my neck.  I swatted it but it wasn’t a lady bug, it was a dang wasp.  OUCH!  Needless to say, I got stung.  I hadn’t been stung by a wasp in a while and this hurt like everything.  But he won’t hurt anyone again.!!

Okay, drama over, lady bugs under control and wasp flying around in another world.  Now I am sitting down ready to watch TV.  Boo is sitting beside me on the arm of the love seat  when she suddenly jumps down and runs into our bedroom.    In a couple of minutes she comes out and proudly shows us her catch.   It’s a mouse!!Thinking it might be fun to play with, she drops it and the mouse makes a run for it.  Hubby was backing Boo up and helped her chase it down.  He grabs it with paper towels and proceeds to take it outside and dispose of it.  Now we can settle down and watch TV.  Wrong!!  A couple of hours later, we repeat the same scenario.  Look mom I brought you a present.  Aren’t you proud of me?Hubby to the rescue again, (my hero) caught this little guy and outside again.   I don’t know what he does with them but I probably don’t want to know.  Back to the TV and no more mice for the night.  Whew!!!

Next day, Friday, was a beautiful day.  The river was beautiful, the sun was out for the first time in weeks and all was well with the world.  Such a nice relaxing day.  The evening remains calm and about 11 pm I decide to go to bed.  Hubby decided to stay up a while longer and watch TV.

Boo props herself on the bed with her eyes glued to the fireplace.  This is her usual position when sleeping at the camp.  About 3 am I am awakened by a noise that sounds like  EEEEK,  EEEEK and then Boo pounces on my bed.   I raise up and turn on the lamp and there she is with her prize ON MY BED!  I jump up and get hubby off the sofa (he can sleep through most anything) to come to my rescue once more.  But the mouse escapes.  They are quick little suckers.  Boo chases it around but hubby goes back to his comfortable place and asleep.

I”M UP!!!  I am not going back to bed until I’m sure this mouse is not in my bedroom, my bed  or in the camp.  Boo is still on the search.  She hones in on hubby’s shoes.  “Hubby the mouse is in your shoe“.  He looks but doesn’t see anything so back to bed for hubby.   Boo is pushing his shoe all over the floor.  I get brave enough to look in the shoe and what do I see…..two little feet.

I grab the shoe and march to hubby on the sofa.  “The mouse is in your shoe!”  Hubby….”Are you sure?”  I take another look and say…..”YES!  I see his little face.”  He takes the shoe and goes outside and returns with the shoe and no mouse.  Poor Boo is confused and once he puts the shoe down she continues to look.  She takes her place on the bed once more and I decide to sleep on the love seat the remainder of the night!!  What a night….it was like a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

Okay, next morning I get up and take our sweet little Corky out.  He is old and not quite as quick as he use to be, so we go with him and watch for anything that might decide he would make a good meal.  I glance over to the river and guess what I see?  A bald Eagle flying down river.  We knew  he was around here and had only seen him one other time  but didn’t get a picture. 

I ran into the camp, got hubby, the binoculars and the camera and we ran back out to the point, hoping he had lit on a tree .  Sure enough about 100 yards down stream he was on a tree and there he sat for a few minutes.  Hubby got this picture and then he flew away.

It was such an awesome moment.  We look for him every time we go down but so far no more sightings.

This made up for the lady bugs, the chasing of the mouse for two nights and getting no sleep.  This is why we love the river and the camp.  Our animals and wildlife keep  us entertained.  Who needs TV??