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In my previous post,  I left you with a glimpse of  what we did to renovate the kitchen in our 100-year-old log cabin.  Of course what you saw in that picture was more on the decorating part than the renovation.  We kept absolutely NOTHING of the old kitchen except the refrigerator, which we put in a cubby hole on our front porch, for extra drinks, etc.   This comes in really handy especially while we sit and rock in our rocker, swing in our swing and watch the river go by…….

OOOH, this is nice.  Could you get me an ice-cold drink please?  Tea or lemonade would be great!

Oh, sorry, I was day dreaming about summer.  Enough relaxing for now, back to work!

We found a great local guy (GLG) to do the renovations for us and he was able to see my vision for the cabin.  We did start in the kitchen and he ripped out every thing.  The stove, sink, water heater, washer, dryer, cabinets, paneling, and dark green marble looking vinyl.  Whew, this makes me tired.  After repairing a few areas in the wall and floor, he put up bead board on the walls and a new vinyl floor (I know, a tile would have been nice, but you need to know that nothing is square OR level in the cabin) and we were ready to paint and continue to the next step.

I bought a stock cabinet from Lowe’s to hold my sink and my GLG installed it along with a place to put in a front loading washer and dryer.  Hey, you know this camping isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!  Laundry? Oh, please? 

Anyway, he raised the sink cabinet to the same height as the washer and dryer and we found some old walnut boards in a storage shed on the property that he made into my counter tops.  Stain and linseed oil and the countertops were finished.  I painted the sink cabinet a soft apple green and made curtains to hide the washer and dryer.

Not much room for overhead cabinets, so I found an antique bookcase and stood it in the corner and GLG installed a couple of shelves on iron brackets to store dishes, cups and glasses.

I found a tall cabinet for a pantry with old shutter doors which fit perfectly beside the entry into the great hall (more on that later).  We installed a tankless water heater to save space as well as energy, a small apartment size stove and a smaller refrigerator.

All that’s left is decorating the walls and what fun we had looking for the signs, chalkboard,  clock, the wire rack, etc.   I also found a cabinet that doubles as a garbage can holder to sit beside the  stove which has a drawer in it.  The top comes in handy when cooking.  Cooking?  Not if I can help it !  

I just like sitting on my porch, watching the river and sipping iced tea or lemonade.  Oh by the way, now there is room in the kitchen for me to dance by myself or with my hubby and a couple of other people (close or not).

Catch my next post Part 3……….Bathroom renovation……..