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Okay time to get to the next most important room in the cabin…….the bath.  At first glance all I could think was EEEK!  It was screaming ” help me, help me”.

It had vinyl paneling on all the walls and ceiling that was supposed to look like tile with black grout, an old wall mounted sink in need of refinishing, an old tub with a “sneaky snake” looking shower head and that dark marble looking vinyl floor. OH, and guess where the electrical box was… yep… in the shower……ZZZAP….sorry for the shock!!!  Another great feature, a window located in the shower.  Not only did you have the “sneaky snake” to deal with but creatures both human and non, could look in and watch. Out, out I say!! 

Well, our GLG, had a “ripping good time”…..sorry.  Hey, you never know what you might find behind those walls and floors.  Buried treasure??  Well, we did find some things, like the commode leaking under the floor and the shower leaking behind the wall and the tub as well.  But wait, the wall to the right as you walk in revealed the original logs………YAAAY!!!!  What a treasure!  It’s gold, gold I say!

After repairing floors, walls and plumbing, we decided on no tub just a shower, a pedestal sink and an ADA approved commode.  We installed a slate looking vinyl floor (remember no level floors, no square walls), white subway tiles around the shower stall and board and bat on the walls, except for the log wall which we left exposed.  We put the bead board paneling on the ceiling and took out the window and replaced it with glass block.  It was clear block, the patterned or textured blocks were expensive and had to be special ordered…no time for that, so I got etching cream and etched them myself.  It still let light into the bathroom and looked great.  Added an overhead light, new mirror with medicine cabinet and a light fixture over that.  The electrical panel was moved to the room that backs up to the bathroom.  Now no added shock to the daily shower.

I found a small cabinet in a little shop in Spring Hill, Tennessee called Backdoor Antiques that holds our towels, and has a drawer to hold my makeup.  I had the fabric in my stash and made a surround for the sink, which I attached with industrial strength velcro and made a matching shower curtain.  By the way, we replaced the bathroom door, that was made of plywood and opened to the opposite side against the commode.  We found more old planks in the storage shed and my GLG made a plank door and hinged it on the opposite side.  No extra maneuvering around for our son. 

Whew!!! One more room done and more to come.  I know you are all thinking, this is costing a fortune but I really have searched for the most economical appliances and fixtures.  Some of the things I have purchased have been in the closeout section and I love getting bargains.

I will step away from the log cabin for a while to post on other subjects but will be back with more log cabin……be ready…. more AMAZING uncovered finds.