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Okay, what’s this all about?  WHY did I repeat these words?   Should the words be capitalized,  did I just studder??  Actually I’m just stalling because I’m having bloggers  block, I mean writers block……could it be I was thinking of the children’s song “Little Cabin in the Woods”…….maybe I was thinking of Lincoln Logs…..ENOUGH ALREADY!

Actually this post is about two totally different log cabins in my life.  One is the log cabin quilt or quilt block and the other is our little 100-year-old log cabin on the river.   So I’ll start with the log cabin. 

 OH, sorry, the one on the river. 

About four years ago, my husband and I bought a small cabin on the Buffalo River just outside of our home town.  We had been looking for a get away on the river ever since we moved back to Tennessee in 2003.  We happened upon this cabin by pure luck and it happened to need a lot of work.  Just what I wanted…..a project!!!   Yay!  Here it is as we first saw it.We didn’t know it was built of logs because it had been covered with siding.  The site was beautiful and had an added attraction that I wasn’t so sure about.  Here it is….

You guessed it…. A STATUE OF LIBERTY!  Better known as “Miss Liberty”.  However, she grows on you and we have named our place “Camp Liberty”.   We have friends whose parents and other relatives have camps about half a mile up the river and when they found out we bought the camp and she was part of the deal, they called us and said they were calling on behalf of the  “Committee of Preservation of Statues on the Buffalo River” and they had voted for it to stay.  When asked who was on the committee he said, “his mother, his dad, his uncle, his aunt and himself”.  Of course she stayed and has become an icon of the camp.  Everyone who visits loves her.

Next came the inside of the cabin.  We were so excited to see what it looked like on the inside.  When we opened the door here is the first thing we saw……the “kitchen”!  One person could get in there and turn around but two would be doing a slow, close dance with each other. 


Bells, whistles and light bulbs started going off in my head.  LIONS, and TIGERS and BEARS, oh my!!!!   Get out the design board and start ripping it out.  There  was nothing that I considered functional in this space.    Here is a sneak peek at the next post.

Things were removed, ripped out, painted, moved in , etc.  Check with my next post and you’ll see the transformation.  STAY TUNED……