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Last Friday, before hubby, son and I made our way to Camp Liberty, my BFF and I visited my very, favorite antique shop in Columbia, TN.  This shop continues to evolve and make it a place I could linger for days and never get tired of.  Also talking to Ellen, the owner, and seeing how she puts everything together adds to the experience. The pictures below give you an idea but could never replace a real visit.

The minute you enter “Loblolly” your eyes cannot sit still and neither can your body.  Oh, look over there, no there!  

Ellen, the shop owner, has transformed each room in this old house to a place I would like to live for about 3 days so I could take it all in.   The pictures below, show what an amazing place this is, but surely doesn’t do it justice.

These few pictures are what you see to your left as you enter the house.

The next room I entered, I had to grab my heart and I swear I thought it was going to be the “big one”. 

There it was, but where would I put it and how do I get it?  Hubby doesn’t get it and said “where would you put it?”.  Of course I had an answer, it was something like…”Well, I would have to move this and then move that and….” .


This little jewel is covered in burlap and is absolutely adorable.  

There are actually several rooms to see, and will take some time,  but what eye candy!

There’s more.

Onward James!!!…I mean y’all.

Here’s a few more pics and I will save the rest for another post.

If you’re ever in the Columbia, Tennessee area make sure you check out Loblolly.  I promise you it will “knock your socks off”. 

By the way, Ellen is a terrific artist and has a lot of local or semi-local artists’ paintings in the shop.   Maybe I’ll post some of her work later.  It’s amazing.