I have a question to ask of anyone who might read this blog!

Do you have to Spring clean if Spring never arrives?

That groundhog, what’s his name, Colonel something; predicted we would have an early Spring.  Well, I’ve been waiting and waiting for it to get here and I think he may have played a joke on us and it may not show up at all.  

Mother Nature is trying her best to bring in Spring with budding trees and bushes but Old Man Winter is hanging in there.  Just like a man.  If he thinks he’s right, he won’t let it go.

I keep looking for the sun to come out but the closest thing to the sun is this beautiful forsythia bush in my yard.  The color is brilliant, just like the sun.

The red bud trees are in full bloom and the dogwood trees are trying to bloom.

The yoshino cherry trees and ornamental pears have bloomed.  The daffodils have also bloomed.  Where is Spring?  The flowers think it’s here but the temperature and the cloudy skies and rain says no.

Well, I’m going to answer my own question.

The answer is NO, I’m just going to wait until Spring!!!!