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The last post I did on the cabin was the bathroom renovation and promised there would be more.  Well here it is…. or should I say here it was.  Sorry, can’t help myself.

We couldn’t believe someone thought they had improved the look of this cabin by putting in drop ceilings, fluorescent lights, and some sort of paneling on all the walls.

From the kitchen you walk into the “great hall” and directly to the right is the dining room or some area.  This is what we first saw…..

I mentioned the “great hall” in the earlier post “Log cabin, log cabin…..part 2“.  The great hall was named by my sister when she came for a visit.  I didn’t know what to call this area because it seemed to be just a go between from the kitchen to other areas.  My sister, being the world traveler that she is, said they called rooms such as this “the great hall” in Scotland.  Of course, we laughed and I remarked “this wasn’t so great” but we decided that would be a good name for it anyway.

Now, I looked to my right and what did I see?……..Another sad room looking at me!!!

This is what the dining area looked like when we first saw it.  It wasn’t used as a dining area so I guess it was supposed to be the den?!

This room steps down from the rest of the cabin.  It had dark wooden floors with a small hole in the wood near the wall back to back with the kitchen.  Not a problem, my great local guy (GLG) can fix that!! 

I knew I did not want this to be a den.  It needed to be the dining area.  The old rock fireplace was so great, I couldn’t believe someone would cover it up.  I knew it wasn’t a working fireplace but gas logs could be put in for Pete’s sake.  Furniture has to go…….OUTSIDE!!!!

Next we move on into the living room.  Not a lot going on but the walls were the same paneling and the sofa wall did have the exposed log walls.  Hip, hip, hooray!! 

Also, get ready for this…… the floor was just a simple plank floor.  Like a wooden plank porch. There were large cracks in between the boards and later we discovered if you would shine a flashlight through the cracks….you could see the ground underneath.  Yikes….more lions, tigers and bears….I mean opportunities.

Okay, how much more of this can you stand?  Looking back at these photos, I’m not sure I can stand much more myself, now that I think about it.

The two bedrooms are the only rooms left in this post to show you.  You see the original cabin consisted of these two rooms only.  If you remember, it is one hundred (100) years old.  Both bedrooms have a fireplace and doors leading to the porch facing the river.

These two rooms were not so bad except for the ceilings and walls.  They each had identical fireplaces and a small closet each.  One room has a storage closet and the other has a clothes closet.

Well, there you have it.  This is what the rest of the inside of this cabin looked like.  You’re probably saying to yourself, “What were they thinking when buying this ?”.  Well this is what my vision was (not necessarily hubby’s)………sorry, you’ll have to wait until the next post but here is a sneak peak.