I can’ decide if I adopted a cat or a cat that’s PART FISH?!  We got her in October 2010 hoping she would be pal to our other cat “Boo”.

You see, we lost our beloved Corky in early fall and Boo aka “Big Cat” adored Corky.  Corky loved her too but he didn’t want anyone to know.  The pictures below are proof…..

When the kitten “Lil’ Bit” (LB) came home with me, Big Cat (BC) did not take it too well at first.  However, once BC decided LB wasn’t leaving, she decided to ‘tolerate” her.

LB is fearless.  She catches BC with her back to her, runs up, gives BC a little smack on her backside and then LB runs, ducks under a piece of furniture ( just far enough), so BC can’t reach her.  OH, maybe she’s a CHICKEN…..CHICKEN OF THE SEA (she loves tuna).   Oh I forgot, I had just said she was fearless.  She climbs every where and sometimes falls off but it doesn’t affect her.  She just “gets back on the horse” as they say. 

 Where is this story going, anyway?  Well she is not a “chicken” but she doesn’t act like most cats.  You see I caught her several week’s ago standing in the large drinking bowl with all four feet, playing and digging.  She was splashing water everywhere.  Later I was running water in the kitchen sink, she came running and proceeded to paw at the water and stick her head under the stream.  She does this every time at the sink.

Another time, Mike’s uncle came for a visit and didn’t know we had a new cat.  He went into the powder room and found her inside the commode, playing in the water.  EEEEW!  Thankfully it was clean and had clean water but EEEEW!

Her latest antic is to take a shower with me.  She comes running into the bathroom whenever she hears the water running and jumps in the shower with me.  She sits down underneath the water and gets soaked.  If I put a towel down for her on the floor, she will proceed to dry off.  It happens every time I shower and now when hubby showers.  Here are pics of her after the shower.  Notice her head, back and tail.  She hasn’t dried off yet!!

After drying off, she proceeds to get on top of my hubby’s vanity and look at herself in the mirror and occassionally paws at it.  I suppose she’s checking her makeup.  Next comes the weigh in.

Just the other morning, I got on the scales to weigh, UGH, and was panicked that I had gained so much weight in the last few days.  What has happened?  Then I looked down and “guess who” was sitting on the scales.  “Whew”  I thought something was bad wrong with me or maybe I had been sleepwalking to the frig.

One good thing, she will be the cleanest cat for miles around.  I think in a previous life she MUST have been a fish…..a CATFISH…., or with all that primping a MOVIESTAR.