After years of friends and family telling me I need to start a blog…….it finally sunk in.

I guess I am always afraid people will judge my thoughts, writing and creativity so I tend to think things through for entirely too long (better known as procrastination)and keep telling myself it will be fun and I’ll do it tomorrow (or as they say in the dieting world…I’ll start Monday).  After all, how can we grow if we don’t get comments or suggestions, good or bad.

I was once told by a teacher in one of my quilting classes that I was trying to be too perfect.  She wanted me to move on so I could get through the class and worry about perfection later.  I don’t consider myself a perfectionist but I do like to try and make things as perfect as I can in my eyes.  By the way my eyes are not 20/20!  

I use to teach tole and decorative painting so I know what she is talking about.  All I wanted was for my students to learn the basics and the strokes in class and then practice, practice, practice until they got it  I really never judged their work in a negative way but I would give them suggestions on where they could improve like color choices or ……..give it up, you’ll never be a painter (just kidding). 

You know I should take my own advice!!!!!

Here is what I plan to accomplish with this blog.  I promise it won’t be purrfect (oops) and I won’t procrastinate (for too long) and I will share some or most of my creative projects with you and give you insight into my life as a quilter, artist, decorator and every day kind of woman.

I hope you will find this blog informative, fun, thought provoking and something that you will return to and tell your friends about. 

Until Monday or next Monday, or the next Monday……….(just kidding)!